RK-4 ‘Tough & Tiny’ Rotary Screw Compressors

The Tough & Tiny series compressors is available in a 4 hp version. They are compact and perfect for low horsepower applications. View features & benefits

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Model #HPKWCFMPSIdBANPTVoltage (3ph)Dimensions (in)Weight (lbs) price
RK-3F-145B-1 3 2 8.5 145 65 3/8” 230/60/1 21.7x17x16.6 86
RK-3F-145B 3 2 8.5 145 65 3/8” 400/60/3 21.7x17x16.686

Features and Benefits

Electronic Controller – Electronic controller uses the latest technology to make this the most user-friendly rotary screw air compressor for smaller applications

Intake Filter – The heavy duty intake filter ensures that a continuous flow of air is fed into the compressor, while keeping ambient dust and dirt out of the system – thus protecting the air-end.

Spin-On Filtration – Spin-on air/oil separator is simple and quick to service.

Minimum Pressure Valve – Maintains a minimum pressure in the air-oil separator. At start-up, the valve is closed to build initial pressure. At normal operating pressures, the valve is fully open for minimal pressure loss.

Sump Tank Heater – Standard sump tank heater prevents condensation from forming in the sump tank during low capacity conditions.

Thermostatic Valve – This valve regulates the oil temperature and keeps the oil at the ideal temperature at a wide range of operating capacities and conditions.

Direct Drive – Direct drive models have the motor directly connected to the input shaft of the compressor, therefore reducing power loss.

Direct Start with Load/Unload Cycle – This feature reduces the demand on electrical circuits.

Compact – This unit has all of the advantages of a large industrial machine, but is designed to fit in small locations.