Reciprocating Air Compressors

Discover unparalleled durability and efficiency with our range of Reciprocating Air Compressors, designed to meet the diverse needs of modern industries. At the heart of the PneuTech lineup is the PSB Series, epitomizing the blend of traditional engineering and innovative features. PneuTech compressors are built to deliver reliable performance, exceptional longevity, and operational efficiency, making them a top choice for businesses seeking dependable air compression solutions.

PSB Series 5-30 HP

PSB Series 5-30 HP

The PneuTech PSB Series stands out in the world of reciprocating air compressors for its robust construction, advanced features, and versatile performance capabilities. Designed for industrial applications ranging from 5HP to 30HP, the PSB Series ensures that businesses of all sizes can find a solution tailored to their specific needs. Each model in the series is engineered to provide the highest levels of performance, reliability, and energy efficiency.

Model # CFMDimensions LxWxH (in)HPPump RPMTank (gal)Tank ConfigurationVoltageWeight(lbs) Request a Quote
PSB-5-75-80H 17.363x21x47584580Horizontal 208/230/460612
PSB-5-75-80VT 17.334x29x74584580Vertical 208/230/460648
PSB-7.5-77-80H 26.963x21x477.565580Horizontal 208/230/460729
PSB-7.5-77-120VT 26.944x30x757.5655120Vertical 208/230/460915
PSB-10-77-120H 34.469x24x5110850120Horizontal 208/230/460871
PSB-10-77-120VT 34.444x30x7510850120Vertical 208/230/460935
PSB-15-45-120H 5175x29x5815830120Horizontal 208/230/4601195
PSB-20-9-120H 76.175x29x5820605120Horizontal 208/2301404
PSB-25-9-200H 89.678x30x6325710200Horizontal 208/2301657
PSB-30-9-240H 101.185x30x6330830240Horizontal 208/2301893

Unleash the Power of Efficiency with PneuTech's Reciprocating Air Compressors

PneuTech's Reciprocating Air Compressors stand as a pinnacle of innovation and efficiency in the world of compressed air systems. Designed to meet the ever-changing demands of industries, these compressors embody the perfect blend of PneuTech's commitment to quality, sustainability, and technological advancement.

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Silencing Type Air Filter
Innovatively designed to extend the pump's lifespan and significantly reduce operational noise, creating a more comfortable environment.
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Centrifugal Unloader
Guarantees the compressor starts without head pressure, enhancing the electric motor's durability and overall lifespan.
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Ductile Iron Crankshaft & Pump
The heart of the PSB Series is its robust build quality, with a ductile iron crankshaft and 100% cast iron pump for unmatched durability and wear resistance.
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Automatic Drain Valve
An essential feature that automatically expels moisture from the tank, mitigating corrosion and ensuring the purity of compressed air.
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Low Oil Shutdown
A safety mechanism that protects your investment by automatically shutting down the compressor if low oil levels are detected, preventing potential damage.
Questions about Compressed Air or Inert Gas Production?

Questions about Compressed Air or Inert Gas Production?

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