Compressed Air Dryers

Our Compressed Air Dryers are crafted to meet the diverse needs of industries seeking optimal air quality. Our collection is engineered for reliability, efficiency, and ease of maintenance, ensuring your operations run smoothly and effectively. Explore our three standout product lines, each designed with unique features to cater to various operational scales and requirements.

RDA Variable Speed Dryers 800-6000 CFM

RDA Variable Speed Dryers 800-6000 CFM

The RDA Series showcases non-cycling refrigerated air dryers, ideal for consistent air quality control. These dryers are designed to perform exceptionally well even under high ambient and inlet temperatures, thanks to their efficient heat exchanger design and electronic control system that maintains ideal operating parameters. The inclusion of a single point condensate drain simplifies the connection to condensate management systems, enhancing the overall efficiency and reliability of the drying process.

Model # CFMDimensions LxWxH (in)NPTRefrigerantVoltageWeight(lbs) Request a Quote
RDA-675VSD-436 67527x28x612.5" NPTFR407C460/3/60365
RDA-925VSD-436 92526x46x673" NPTFR407C460/3/60575
RDA-1225VSD-436 122526x46x673" NPTFR407C460/3/60620
RDA-1850VSD-436 185026x46x675" flangeR407C460/3/60905
RDA-2450VSD-436 245046x55x705" flangeR407C460/3/60950
RDA-3050VSD-436 305046x55x706" flangeR407C460/3/601015
RDA-3700VSD-436 370088x55x706" flangeR407C460/3/601885
RDA-4300VSD-436 430088x55x708" flangeR407C460/3/601970
FDS Series Desiccant 10-800 CFM

FDS Series Desiccant 10-800 CFM

For applications requiring ultra-dry air, the FDS Desiccant Dryers stand out. Utilizing a desiccant material to absorb moisture, these dryers can achieve dew points as low as -40°C/F, making them suitable for the most demanding industrial environments. Their design focuses on high efficiency and low operational costs, with a compact footprint that allows for versatile installation options.

Model # # of rowControl TypeDryers per RowMax CFMMax HPNPTVoltageWeight/row Request a Quote
FDS-10-116 1MLT11033/4115/1/6042
FDS-27-116 1MLT1277.53/4115/1/6046
FDS-40-116 1MLT140103/4115/1/6046
FDS-80-116 1MLT280201-1/2115/1/60120
FDS-120-116 1MLT3120301-1/2115/1/60120
FDS-200-116 1PLC3200401-1/2115/1/60120
RDA Series Non-Cycling 13-550 CFM

RDA Series Non-Cycling 13-550 CFM

Introducing the RDA VSD Refrigerated Dryers equipped with variable speed drive technology, these dryers adjust cooling power based on actual demand, offering unparalleled energy savings. The RDA VSD series ensures stable dew points under varying loads, providing consistent air quality while operating quietly, thus contributing to a better workplace environment.

Model # CFMDimensions LxWxH (in)Heat Loading (Kw)HPNPTVoltageWeight(lbs) Request a Quote
RDA-13-NC-116 1315x12x180.5543/4" 115/1/6040
RDA-25-NC-116 2515x12x180.707.53/4" 115/1/6040
RDA-35-NC-116 3516x14x190.70103/4" 115/1/6042
RDA-50-NC-116 5016x14x191.20153/4" 115/1/6053
RDA-75-NC-116 7519x16x221.60201" 115/1/6077
RDA-100-NC-116 10019x16x222.30251" 115/1/6090
RDA-130-NC-116 13025x21x272.30301-1/2" 115/1/60121
RDA-150-NC-216 15025x21x443.60351-1/2" 220/1/60159
RDA-175-NC-216 17525x21x443.60401-1/2" 220/1/60159
RDA-225-NC-216 22525x21x444.80501-1/2" 220/1/60172
RDA-300-NC-216 30028x27x624.80602" 220/1/60333
RDA-350-NC-216 35028x27x625.60752" 220/1/60337
RDA-450-NC-436 45028x27x627.201002-1/2" 460/3/60419
RDA-550-NC-436 55028x27x628.201252-1/2" 460/3/60425

Unleash the Power of Efficiency with PneuTech's Compressed Air Dryers

PneuTech's Compressed Air Dryers stand as a pinnacle of innovation and efficiency in the world of compressed air systems. Designed to meet the ever-changing demands of industries, these compressors embody the perfect blend of PneuTech's commitment to quality, sustainability, and technological advancement.

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Enhanced Energy Efficiency
PneuTech dryers are optimized for maximum energy savings, significantly reducing operating costs without compromising on performance. Advanced design elements ensure that energy consumption is closely aligned with air demand, leading to lower utility bills.
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Superior Moisture Control
Achieve consistently low dew points with our dryers, which effectively remove moisture from the air. This ensures that your compressed air system delivers dry, high-quality air, preventing corrosion and prolonging the lifespan of your air tools and equipment.
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Advanced Heat Exchanger Technology
Our dryers come equipped with cutting-edge heat exchanger technology, providing exceptional performance with minimal pressure drops. This technology ensures efficient thermal management and maximizes dryer efficiency.
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Easy Maintenance
Designed with the user in mind, PneuTech Compressed Air Dryers feature easy access to internal components for straightforward maintenance. This reduces downtime and keeps your operations running smoothly.
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Reliable Operation in Varied Conditions
PneuTech dryers are built to perform reliably in a range of environmental conditions, including high ambient and inlet temperatures. This versatility ensures consistent dryer performance, regardless of external factors.
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Comprehensive Warranty and Support
Enjoy peace of mind with PneuTech's industry-leading warranty and support services. Our dryers are backed by a robust warranty, and our expert team is always available to provide technical assistance and support.
Questions about Compressed Air or Inert Gas Production?

Questions about Compressed Air or Inert Gas Production?

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