Condensate Separator Specifications

CSO Series - Oil Water Separators

Simple But Effective Process

  • Separation begins in cyclonic depressurization chamber and continues in the filter cartridge.

Quick and Easy Service

  • Our patented technology allows regular service to be done in 30 seconds without any cleaning.

Replacement and Disposal

  • When the filter cartridge is fully saturated, simply unscrew the complete cartridge and replace it with a new one.
  • All the condensate stays in the old cartridge which can be sealed with plastic and disposed according to local directives and laws.
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Condensate Separator Specifications
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Model #-Cold Climate Zone 59 °F 60%RHMild Climate Zone 77 °F 60%RHHot Climate Zone 104°F 100%RHDimensions (in) (LxWxH) price
CSO-40 Max Oil Absorption (lbs) 1.63 1.43 0.82 4.2x3.2x19.1
CSO-40 Max FAD (scfm) 45 40 20 4.2x3.2x19.1
CSO-40 Max Condensate Flow (GPH) 0.15 0.24 0.51 4.2x3.2x19.1
CSO-80 Max Oil Absorption (lbs) 3.4 3 1.7 4.2x3.2x32.2
CSO-80 Max FAD (scfm) 90 80 40 4.2x3.2x32.2
CSO-80 Max Condensate Flow (GPH) 0.32 0.5 1.1 4.2x3.2x32.2
CSO-150 Max Oil Absorption (lbs) 6.4 5.4 2.8 9.6x16.2x16.4
CSO-150 Max FAD (scfm) 170 150 75 9.6x16.2x16.4
CSO-150 Max Condensate Flow (GPH) 0.61 0.9 1.7 9.6x16.2x16.4
CSO-300 Max Oil Absorption (lbs) 13.3 11.2 5.7 13.6x26.8x28.8
CSO-300 Max FAD (scfm) 350 300 150 13.6x26.8x28.8
CSO-300 Max Condensate Flow (GPH) 0.51 1.9 3.5 13.6x26.8x28.8
CSO-725 Max Oil Absorption (lbs) 32.3 27.1 13.8 14.5x37.1x32.3
CSO-725 Max FAD (scfm) 850 725 362 14.5x37.1x32.3
CSO-725 Max Condensate Flow (GPH) 2.6 4.6 8.5 14.5x37.1x32.3
CSO-1250 Max Oil Absorption (lbs) 56 47 23.8 15.2x44.8x37.8
CSO-1250 Max FAD (scfm) 1500 1250 625 15.2x44.8x37.8
CSO-1250Max Condensate Flow (GPH)5.37.914.715.2x44.8x37.8

Features and Benefits

CSO Models  40CFM – 80CFM                                                                                                                        Mountable and Compact Oil Water Condensate Separation

Cyclonic Depressurization Chamber

The push-to-connect inlet and discharge ports allow for simple installation.

Stage 1: Absorption

The filter cartridge is filled with a polypropylene absorption material that removes the oil content out of the oil/water mixture.

Stage 2: Final Decontamination

The carbon pellets contained in the bottom of the cartridge do a final purification of the water before discharge to the environment.


CSO Models 150CFM – 1250CFM 

Developed for Larger Air Compressors and High Quantities of Oil & Condensate Separation

Stage 1

Inlets for Condensate (Oil & Water) and Air

Stage 2

Oil Filter Cartridge (polypropylene fibers)

Stage 3

Activated carbon fiber cartridge (final oil elimination)

Stage 4

Clean Water Outlet (Residual Oil Content <10ppm)

Ventilation Filter

Provides ventilation for the system and eliminates condensate splashing.

Test Kit

An integrated water quality test kit comes complimentary with each of the four largest CSO models in order to help you quickly take samples of your condensate for lab sampling.