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Condensate Separator Specifications

The PneuTech CSO Oil Water Separator uses a simple, but effective process. Separation begins in cyclonic depressurization chamber and continues in the filter cartridge. The units are quick and easy to service due to a patented technology. Regular service can be done in less than a minute, without any additional cleaning. When the filter cartridge is fully saturated you simply unscrew the complete cartridge and replace it with a new one. All the condensate stays in old cartridge which can also be sealed with plastic cover and disposed of according to local regulations. View features & benefits

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Condensate Separator Specifications
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Model #-Cold Climate Zone 59 °F 60%RHMild Climate Zone 77 °F 60%RHHot Climate Zone 104°F 100%RHDimensions (in) (LxWxH) price
CSO-40 Max Oil Adsorption (lbs) 1.63 1.43 0.82 4.2x3.2x19.1
CSO-40 Max FAD (scfm) 43.05 37.8 21.9 4.2x3.2x19.1
CSO-40 Max Condensate Flow (GPH) 0.15 0.24 0.51 4.2x3.2x19.1
CSO-80 Max Oil Adsorption (lbs) 3.4 3 1.7 4.2x3.2x32.2
CSO-80 Max FAD (scfm) 88.9 78.05 45.2 4.2x3.2x32.2
CSO-80 Max Condensate Flow (GPH) 0.32 0.5 1.1 4.2x3.2x32.2
CSO-150 Max Oil Adsorption (lbs) 6.4 3 1.7 9.6x16.2x16.4
CSO-150 Max FAD (scfm) 88.9 78.05 45.2 9.6x16.2x16.4
CSO-150 Max Condensate Flow (GPH) 0.32 0.5 1.1 9.6x16.2x16.4
CSO-300 Max Oil Adsorption (lbs) 13.3 11.2 5.7 13.6x26.8x28.8
CSO-300 Max FAD (scfm) 353 296 150 13.6x26.8x28.8
CSO-300 Max Condensate Flow (GPH) 0.51 1.9 3.5 13.6x26.8x28.8
CSO-725 Max Oil Adsorption (lbs) 32.3 27.1 13.8 14.5x37.1x32.3
CSO-725 Max FAD (scfm) 861 273 366 14.5x37.1x32.3
CSO-725 Max Condensate Flow (GPH) 2.6 4.6 8.5 14.5x37.1x32.3
CSO-1250 Max Oil Adsorption (lbs) 56 47 23.8 15.2x44.8x37.8
CSO-1250 Max FAD (scfm) 1495 1254 635 15.2x44.8x37.8
CSO-1250Max Condensate Flow (GPH)5.37.914.715.2x44.8x37.8

Features and Benefits

CSO 40-80 – Mountable and Compact Oil Water Separation

Cyclonic Depressurization Chamber – The push-to-connect inlet and discharge ports allow for simple installation

Stage 1: Absorption – The filter cartridge is filled with a polypropylene absorption material that removes the oil content out of the oil/water mixture.

Stage 2: Final Decontamination – The carbon pellets contained in the bottom of the cartridge do a final purification of the water before discharge to the environment.

CSO 150-1250 – For Larger Air Systems

Stage 1: Inlets for Condensate (Oil & Water) and Air

Stage 2: Oil Filter Cartridge (polypropylene fibers)

Stage 3: Activated carbon filter cartridge
(final oil elimination)

Stage 4: Clean Water Outlet
(Residual Oil Content <10pp)