Oil/Water Separators

PneuTech's oil/water separators, featuring the CSO Series, offer an environmentally friendly solution for separating oil from water in compressed air systems. These separators are designed to efficiently process condensate, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations. Alongside, our Replacement Filter Cartridges ensure your system continues to operate at peak efficiency with easy maintenance solutions. Dive into our solutions designed for a range of operational scales from 40 to 1250 CFM, ensuring there's a fit for every need.

Air Compressor Condensate Separators

Air Compressor Condensate Separators

The CSO Series Oil/Water Separators embody simplicity and effectiveness, utilizing a cyclonic depressurization chamber and advanced filter cartridges to separate oil from water. Suitable for a wide range of applications and operational scales, these separators are designed to work under various climate conditions, ensuring your compressed air system remains environmentally compliant and efficient. Quick and easy serviceability is at the heart of the CSO Series, allowing regular maintenance to be performed swiftly without any cleaning requirements.

Model # Dimensions 59°-77°-104°Max condensate flow 59°-77°-104°Max FAD 59°-77°-104°Max oil absorption 59°-77°-104° Request a Quote
CSO-40 19.1-5.6-13.20.15-0.24-0.5143.05-37.8-21.90.91-0.80-0.46
CSO-80 32.2-5.6-26.40.32-0.5-1.188.9-78.05-45.21.9-1.7-0.95
CSO-150 9.6-16.2-16.40.61-0.9-1.7170-142-72.36.4-5.4-2.8
CSO-300 14.5-37.1-32.30.61-0.9-1.7353-296-15013.3-11.2-5.7
CSO-725 14.5-37.1-32.32.6-4.6-8.5861-723-36632.3-27.1-13.8
CSO-1250 15.2-44.8-37.85.3-7.9-14.71495-1254-63556-47-23.8
Replacement Filter Cartridges

Replacement Filter Cartridges

To complement our oil water separators, PneuTech offers Replacement Filter Cartridges, designed for quick and straightforward replacement. These cartridges ensure that your CSO Series separators continue to perform optimally, capturing oil from the condensate and allowing for simple disposal according to local regulations. Available for all CSO models, these cartridges make maintenance tasks hassle-free and keep your system running smoothly.

Model # Cartridge TypeCSO Model Request a Quote
9060420 1 Piece Spin-OnCSO-40
9060425 1 Piece Spin-OnCSO-80
9060450 1 Piece Spin-OnCSO-150
9060430 1 Piece Spin-OnCSO-150
9060455 1 Piece Spin-OnCSO-300
9060435 1 Piece Spin-OnCSO-300
9060460 1 Piece Spin-OnCSO-725
9060440 1 Piece Spin-OnCSO-725
9060465 1 Piece Spin-OnCSO-1250
9060445 1 Piece Spin-OnCSO-1250

Unleash the Power of Efficiency with PneuTech's Oil/Water Separators

PneuTech's Oil/Water Separators stand as a pinnacle of innovation and efficiency in the world of compressed air systems. Designed to meet the ever-changing demands of industries, these compressors embody the perfect blend of PneuTech's commitment to quality, sustainability, and technological advancement.

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Environmental Compliance
Ensure your compressed air system meets environmental standards by effectively separating oil from water, reducing pollution and potential fines.
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Operational Efficiency
Our separators are designed to handle a range of flow rates and operational demands, ensuring efficient condensate treatment across various climates.
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Easy Maintenance
With our Replacement Filter Cartridges and the CSO Series' design, maintaining your system is quick and straightforward, minimizing downtime and labor costs.
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Suitable for small to large compressed air systems, our oil water separators can accommodate facilities of any size, ensuring clean and compliant discharge.
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Engineered for reliability, our products are built to last, offering a long service life and reducing the need for frequent replacements.
Questions about Compressed Air or Inert Gas Production?

Questions about Compressed Air or Inert Gas Production?

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