PneuTech CSO 40 Oil Water Separator

Upgrade to CSO-40 Oil Water Separator for Enhanced Performance!
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$353.00 / each
PneuTech CSO 40 Oil Water Separator
Dimensions 59°-77°-104° 19.1-5.6-13.2
Max condensate flow 59°-77°-104° 0.15-0.24-0.51
Max FAD 59°-77°-104° 43.05-37.8-21.9
Max oil absorption 59°-77°-104° 0.91-0.80-0.46

PneuTech CSO 40 Oil Water Separator :

Simple but Effective Separation Process

The CSO-40 initiates separation in a cyclonic depressurization chamber before filtering continues in the cartridge. This efficient process guarantees effective oil and water separation, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations.

Quick and Easy Service

Our patented technology enables hassle-free servicing in just 30 seconds without any cleaning required. When the filter cartridge is fully saturated, simply unscrew the complete cartridge and replace it with a new one, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum operational efficiency.

Mountable and Compact Design

With models ranging from 40 CFM to 80 CFM, the CSO series offers mountable and compact oil water condensate separation solutions, allowing for flexible installation options to suit your specific industrial needs.

Efficient Cyclonic Depressurization Chamber

The push-to-connect inlet and discharge ports facilitate simple installation, ensuring seamless integration into your existing system. Benefit from efficient oil and water separation without complicated setup procedures.

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Take the Next Step with PneuTech

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