RSCRD-V Oil Free Series Specifications/Performance

  1. Extreme Operation - After cooler designed 30% larger than usual capacity for operating in extreme conditions of up to 45ºc. Allows compressor to operate in all environments. Integrated high performance water separator with auto-drain.
  2. Reliability Counts - World leading pneumatic and control valves including main on load/off load value - guaranteed for 2,000,000 cycles. Superior design eliminates ‘hesitation’ enhances performance and guarantees reliability.
  3. Air or Water Cooled - Option of air or water cooled to suit your application and facility.
  4. Sterile Stainless - Quality stainless air and oil piping to ensure the highest level of sanitation.
  5. Premium Protection - Heavy duty Mann intake filtration is key to premium protection and the long term performance of the compressor - even in adverse elements. Combined with renowned Donaldson oil filtration, to significantly reduce maintenance costs.
  6. High Efficiency Drive - World renowned high efficiency Mepps 2 drive motor, with class F insulation and B temperature resistance, offers ultimate protection against dust and chemicals. Specially designed to provide optimum power over a broad speed range, the Pneutech motor is equipped with external grease points for a long and reliable service life.
  7. Long Term Protection - Premium ‘direct’ geared drive transmission provides 100% power transfer, while eliminating drive belt vibration and contamination. The precision machined gears make for perfect air end synchronisation and optimum long term performance.
  8. Two Stage - The two sets of twin air ends feature two stage compression and oil removal with stage 1 as lubricated and stage 2 dry for 100% safe oil free air supply.
  9. State of the Art -  The oversized German made air ends feature special high efficiency rotor profiles, SKF tapered, cone roller bearings and triple seal, teflon oil seals for performance and long term reliability.
  10. Subtly Silent - Slow revving oversized air ends and sound insulated sealed panels provide subtly silent operation for such a large capacity machine.
  11. Volume & Velocity - Oversized smooth walled intercooling piping ensures high air flow and minimal pressure drop.
  12. Optimum Vector Performance - Vector control, makes for optimum torque performance under the wide speed band, and offers up to 10 times better torque variation performance than conventional VSD drives.
  13. Simple Yet Smart - The patented intelligent micro controller is very simple, yet smart. Monitor the pressure, temperature,current display service cycles, system faults, on load / off load duty cycles. Up to 13 protection alarms including reverse rotation. Connect with other compressors or your computer for remote monitoring or interface with Pneutech’s Master Controller and operate up to 8 compressors in sequence.

RSCRD-V Oil Free Series Specifications/Performance
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ModelInstalled Motor PowerFree Air Delivery, kWPressure, HpSize, L/minWeight, BarAir OutletSize, mmMotor Shaft, kgTerminal PowerNo Load, 7bar kwNo Load, 7bar kwMotor Speed, At ShaftTerminal PowerRPMCFM price
RSCRD75V - 55 75 9,490 7 2380 x 1580 x 1880 2580 DN50 60.40 60.50 16.80 18.16 2960 339
RSCRD100V - 75 100 12,375 7 2380 x 1580 x 1880 2680 DN50 80.40 80.39 22.80 24.52 2960 442
RSCRD125V RSCRD150V - 90 125 15,845 7 2880 x 1880 x 1880 3200 DN65 98.55 89.29 22.80 24.52 2970 566
RSCRD180V RSCRD220V - 110 150 19,290 7 2880 x 1880 x 1880 3200 DN65 122.55 117.32 36.60 38.94 2970 689
RSCRD300V RSCRD340V - 132 180 22,760 7 2880 x 1880 x 1880 3500 DN65 140.00 148.94 42.00 44.68 2970 813