PneuTech FDS Desiccant Dryer 40 CFM

Elevate Your Operations with the PneuTech FDS-40-116 Desiccant Dryer! Take your compressed air quality to the next level with the PneuTech FDS-40-116 Desiccant Dryer. This advanced dryer is designed to deliver superior performance, cost-effective operation, and low maintenance, ensuring optimal compressed air for your industrial operations.
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PneuTech FDS Desiccant Dryer 40 CFM
# of row 1
Control Type MLT
Dryers per Row 1
Max CFM 40
Max HP 10
NPT 3/4
Voltage 115/1/60
Weight/row 46

PneuTech FDS Desiccant Dryer 40 CFM :

Effective Moisture Removal

The FDS-40-116 is equipped to efficiently remove moisture, oil, rust, and contaminants from compressed air lines, providing protection against corrosion and damage to equipment and processes. With a low dew point of -40°F, it delivers ultra-dry air, preventing re-work and scrap in moisture-sensitive applications.

Simplified Maintenance

Say goodbye to time-consuming maintenance with the FDS-40-116's user-friendly spin-off desiccant cartridges. The durable construction and SFD cartridge design minimize downtime, ensuring long-term reliability and maximum efficiency.

Flexible Logic Control Options

Choose between the MLT (Micro Logic Controller) or PLC (Programmed Logic Controller) to align with your operational requirements. The MLT alternates compressed air flow and regenerates cartridges at 2-minute intervals, while the PLC sequentially regenerates cartridges every 45 seconds, ensuring continuous efficiency.

Versatile Design

The compact and versatile design of the FDS-40-116 allows for easy installation in various indoor and outdoor environments. Its optional non-electric model makes it suitable for remote locations, providing flexibility and adaptability.

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Take the Next Step with PneuTech

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