PneuTech RDA VSD Refrigerated Dryer 3050 CFM

Enhance Your Compressed Air System with PneuTech RDA-3050 CFM Variable Speed Dryer!
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PneuTech RDA VSD Refrigerated Dryer 3050 CFM
CFM 3050
Dimensions LxWxH (in) 46x55x70
NPT 6" flange
Refrigerant R407C
Voltage 460/3/60
Weight(lbs) 1015

PneuTech RDA VSD Refrigerated Dryer 3050 CFM :

Superior Humidity Elimination

The PneuTech RDA-3050 CFM Variable Speed Refrigerated Dryer specializes in extracting humidity from compressed air, employing an advanced vertical heat exchanger configuration. This ensures your air system supplies dry, superior quality air, warding off moisture-related complications and enhancing the longevity of your machinery.

Substantial Energy Conservation

Thanks to its variable speed drive technology, the RDA-3050VSD-436 dryer adjusts its functioning dynamically based on air requirements, dramatically lowering energy usage. This makes it a prime choice for operations seeking to trim energy expenditure while maintaining optimum performance.

Steady Dew Point Management

The dryer is engineered to sustain a consistent dew point, delivering constant air quality without the fluctuations often seen in non-VSD dryers. This degree of control assures your operations are not just efficient but also safeguarded against fluctuating environmental circumstances.

Zero Air Loss Drainage

Fitted with a zero air loss drain valve, the RDA-3050VSD-436 ensures that condensate is removed effectively without squandering precious compressed air. This feature enhances the overall efficiency of the dryer, further decreasing operational expenses.

Convenient Maintenance and Dependability

The PneuTech RDA-3050VSD-436 is designed for effortless serviceability and trustworthiness. With uncomplicated access to components and a design that reduces maintenance complexity, this dryer offers a trouble-free solution to air drying requirements.

Take the Next Step with PneuTech

Take the Next Step with PneuTech

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