PneuTech RSP VSD 350 HP Compressor

PneuTech RSP VSD 350 HP:  The Ultimate Solution for High-Performance Air Compression
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PneuTech RSP VSD 350 HP Compressor
CFM 1650
Dimensions LxWxH (in) 135x80x84
Frame 3200
HP 350
kW 260
PSI 100
Voltage 460
Weight(lbs) 12000

PneuTech RSP VSD 350 HP Compressor :

Advanced Air Intake Filter

Air quality is essential for a durable and efficient air compressor, and PneuTech's RSP VSD 350 HP is equipped with a high-performance dry-type air intake filter. This filter is designed to improve air quality and lengthen the compressor's lifespan, ensuring optimal performance and minimal maintenance.

Flange-Mounted Direct Drive System

The RSP VSD 350 HP features a robust flange-mounted direct drive system that guarantees precision alignment with the motor C-face. This design reduces maintenance requirements and enhances operational efficiency, providing a reliable and high-performing solution for your business.

Enhanced Cooling System

With a dedicated fan motor and safety shutdown feature, the RSP VSD 350 HP ensures consistent airflow and temperature control. This commitment to safety and reliability ensures uninterrupted performance, even in the most demanding environments.

Efficient Oversized Air End

The oversized air end of the RSP VSD 350 HP allows for lower RPM operation, extending the compressor's lifespan and providing a quieter working environment. PneuTech's dedication to enhancing the work environment is evident in this innovative design.

Robust Electric Motor

Powered by a robust 208/230/460/575 three-phase electric motor, the RSP VSD 350 HP offers reliable and efficient performance. With a T-frame, C-face flange motor and open drip-proof design, this compressor is designed for maximum reliability and longevity.

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Take the Next Step with PneuTech

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