PneuTech RKHD 270F: Industry 4.0 Capable Compressor

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PneuTech RKHD 270F: Industry 4.0 Capable Compressor
CFM 1253
dBa 78
Dimensions LxWxH (in) 136x79x85
HP 270
kW 75
outlet dimension 4" Flange
PSI 100
Weight(lbs) 11023

PneuTech RKHD 270F: Industry 4.0 Capable Compressor : Watch the video

Unbeatable Cooling Power

The RKHD-270F is designed to deliver top-notch performance even in the toughest environments. Featuring a 100% duty cycle and inverter-controlled fans for the oil cooler, this compressor ensures efficient cooling, even at temperatures up to 125°F, resulting in substantial energy savings.

Industry 4.0-Ready

Seamlessly integrate the RKHD-270F into your digital infrastructure with its Industry 4.0 compatibility. Enable local networking and remote management via the internet for unparalleled accessibility and control, empowering you with a smarter, more efficient compressor.

Intuitive Digital Control

Experience seamless operation with the user-friendly KTronic 2000 touch screen panel. Gain easy access to functions, parameter control, and diagnostics, all at your fingertips. This intuitive control system enhances efficiency and simplifies compressor operation for maximum productivity.

Precision Air/Oil Temperature Control

Enjoy the benefits of optimized air and oil temperature control with separate air and oil coolers equipped with inverter-controlled fans. This ensures precise oil temperatures for improved energy efficiency, while maintaining optimized air temperature at the compressor outlet, preventing condensation and protecting downstream equipment.

Effortless Maintenance

Streamline your maintenance processes with easily removable access panels, allowing quick access to components. Plus, replacing the air-oil separator cartridge is a breeze with a simple rotation of the tank lid, minimizing downtime and maximizing operational efficiency.

Maintenance Components

System Components

Take the Next Step with PneuTech

Take the Next Step with PneuTech

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