PneuTech RK VSD 175 Air Compressor

Unlock Efficiency and Sustainability with PneuTech RK-5VSD-175 
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PneuTech RK VSD 175 Air Compressor
CFM 17
PSI 175

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A Turn-Key Solution for Gas & Oil Field Applications

PneuTech presents a unique, robust tank-mounted system specifically designed for gas and oil field applications. This single-phase, highly efficient rotary screw compressor is tailored to meet the demands of the Gas & Oil industry, offering unparalleled performance and sustainability benefits.

Reduce Emissions, Increase Revenue

The RK-5VSD-175 substantially reduces methane emissions, making it a crucial tool in environmental conservation efforts. By transitioning from pneumatic control systems to compressed instrument air systems, operations can achieve significant cost savings and enhance revenue streams. With quick ROI typically within one year, this conversion stands as a pivotal solution for emission reduction.

Extend Equipment Life, Boost Efficiency

By eliminating the sulfur and various acid gases that accumulate in systems controlled by natural gas, the RK-5VSD-175 extends the life cycle of system equipment. This reduction in corrosive elements translates to increased operational efficiencies and cost savings over the long term.

Reliable Power Supply, Enhanced Flexibility

Operating in remote locations often poses challenges with power supply. The RK-5VSD-175 overcomes this obstacle with its low amp start-up that relies solely on single-phase power. This ensures consistent operation even in areas with unreliable three-phase power supply, providing enhanced flexibility and reliability.

Utilize Existing Infrastructure

The Instrument Air Compressor from PneuTech seamlessly integrates into existing infrastructure, utilizing the existing piping without requiring additional system changes. This ensures a smooth transition and minimizes downtime, optimizing operational efficiency.

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Take the Next Step with PneuTech

Take the Next Step with PneuTech

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