PneuTech RK-3F-145B 3-Phase Air Compressor

RK-3F-145B: Unmatched Performance for Diverse Applications
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PneuTech RK-3F-145B 3-Phase Air Compressor
CFM 8.5
dBA 65
Dimensions LxWxH (in) 21.7x17x16.6
HP 3
kW 2
NPT 3/8"
PSI 145
Voltage 400/60/3
Weight(lbs) 86

PneuTech RK-3F-145B 3-Phase Air Compressor : Watch the video

Electronic Controller

The RK-3F-145B boasts an advanced electronic controller, utilizing cutting-edge technology to provide the most user-friendly experience for smaller applications. Experience seamless operation and precise control with this innovative feature.

Intake Filter

Ensure a continuous flow of clean air with the heavy-duty intake filter of the RK-4F-145B. Designed to keep ambient dust and dirt out of the system, this filter protects the air-end, enhancing the longevity and efficiency of your compressor.

Spin-On Filtration

Simplify maintenance with the spin-on air/oil separator of the RK-4F-145B. Quick and easy to service, this filtration system ensures continuous efficiency and reliability of your compressor with minimal downtime.

Minimum Pressure Valve

Maintain optimal pressure levels with the minimum pressure valve of the RK-4F-145B. This valve ensures minimal pressure loss by regulating the air-oil separator pressure, enhancing overall performance and efficiency.

Sump Tank Heater

Prevent condensation buildup during low capacity conditions with the standard sump tank heater of the RK-4F-145B. This feature ensures consistent performance and reliability, even in varying operating conditions.

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Take the Next Step with PneuTech

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