PneuTech RK 10F 125T D Air Compressor

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PneuTech RK 10F 125T D Air Compressor
CFM 29.8
dBA 67
Dimensions LxWxH (in) 59x24x58
HP 10
kW 7
PSI 125
Tank (gal) 71
Voltage 208/230/460
Weight(lbs) 748

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Advanced Direct Drive System

Benefit from enhanced efficiency and reduced maintenance with the RK-10F-125T-D's direct drive system. This advanced design eliminates the need for belts and gears, resulting in smoother operation and reduced maintenance requirements.

Soft Start Feature

Experience energy savings and extended component life with the soft start feature, reducing stress on drive components during startup. This feature also helps to minimize power spikes, resulting in lower energy consumption.

Intuitive Touchscreen Controller

Effortlessly monitor and adjust compressor parameters with the intuitive touchscreen controller, providing easy access to vital information and control over load/unload pressures, temperature monitoring, and more

Emergency Stop Button

Ensure safety during maintenance tasks with the emergency stop button, providing peace of mind and quick power isolation when needed.

Easy Access Design

Streamline maintenance procedures with the RK-10F-125T-D's easy access design, featuring removable enclosure panels for quick servicing and minimal downtime. Keep your compressor running smoothly with easy access to essential components.

Maintenance Components

System Components

Take the Next Step with PneuTech

Take the Next Step with PneuTech

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