FHO-200 with Activated Carbon Element

PneuTech FHO-200-AC: The Ultimate Upgrade for Superior Filtration Efficiency!
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Unmatched craftsmanship and superior materials.
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$681.00 / each
FHO-200 with Activated Carbon Element
Bowl Height (in) 29
CFM @ 100 PSIG 200
CFM @ 125 PSIG 250
Diameter (in) 5
Element # 9060175
Height (in) 5
Micron Rating 0.005

FHO-200 with Activated Carbon Element :

Enhanced Filtration Efficiency

The PneuTech Replacement Filter Element provides superior filtration efficiency, removing 99.99% of particulates from your compressed air to ensure optimal performance and protect your equipment from potential damage.

Minimal Pressure Drop

With a nominal pressure drop of just 1.2 PSID, this filter element ensures that airflow is not restricted, resulting in maximum energy efficiency and reduced operational costs for your compressed air system.

Effortless Maintenance

Say goodbye to downtime with the easy installation and replacement of this filter element, ensuring hassle-free maintenance and continuous operation of your compressed air system.

Dependable Performance

Built with precision engineering and high-quality materials, the PneuTech Replacement Filter Element guarantees reliable and consistent performance for long-term durability and efficiency.

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Take the Next Step with PneuTech

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