Zero Loss Drain Valve Specifications

Zero Loss Condensate Drains are an energy efficient way to remove condensate from your receiver tanks and inline filtration. They can be placed anywhere in a compressed air system where condensate should be drained regularly. These drains don’t waste compressed air when discharging and they only discharge when necessary. No power or control air is needed. View features & benefits

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Zero Loss Drain Valve Specifications
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Model #Inlet NPTDischarge NPTPressure RangeTemp. RangeMax HPMax gal/hr price
6540310 1/2" 3/8" 85-175 PSI 33-140°F 350 55

Features and Benefits

Inlet/Discharge Ports – Large inlet and discharge ports are strategically located to allow for multiple mounting configurations.

Stainless Steel Float – Protects the drain from corrosion and rust ensuring long lasting operation.

Test Button – The test button allows you to test the valve for proper operation. Unlike other drains on the market, the PneuTech drain does not require electricity, but still has testing capability.