FHO-80 Filter Housings

Filter housings come standard with a differential pressure gauge and automatic float drain All filter housings are 100% aluminum with an exterior powder coat finish. All coalescing filter elements utilize a pleated media design to increase surface area. The higher surface area decreases pressure drop and maximizes the element’s contaminant holding capacity.  
High Quality
Unmatched craftsmanship and superior materials.
Consistent and faultless performance guaranteed.
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Our promise to address any concerns promptly.
$377.00 / each
FHO-80 Filter Housings
CFM @ 100 PSIG 80
CFM @ 125 PSIG 100
Clearance Required to Change Element 3.5
Diameter (in) 5
Height (in) 14
NPT 3/4"

FHO-80 Filter Housings :

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