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Ri Variable Speed Drive Compressors 100-220 HP

Ri VSD air compressors are larger horsepower rotary screw compressors that are designed for industrial applications and constant use. These units are engineered and built so you can rely on them for your manufacturing operation. Variable Speed Drive - The use of a frequency converter allows:

  • Variation of the motor and of the compressor speed, thus adapting to the demand for compressed air
  • Variation of the air pressure selection value between 87 and 189 PSI
  • Constant variation of compressed air production between 20 and 100% of the compressor capacity, allowing a variation of energy consumption proportional to the compressor air delivery
  • Elimination of problems linked to surge currents when starting
  • Elimination of discharge losses during normal operation
  • Operation in temperatures up to 122°F
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Ri Variable Speed Drive Compressors 100-220 HP
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Model #HPkWCFMbarPSIdBAm3 /minDimensions (in)Weight (lbs) price
Ri-100VSD-116 100 75 127-509 8 116 72 3.60-14.40 80x45x71 2780
Ri-100VSD-145 100 75 155-434 10 145 72 4.40-12.30 80x45x71 2780
Ri-125VSD-116 125 90 148-636 8 116 72 4.20-18.00 80x45x71 3220
Ri-125VSD-145 125 90 173-537 10 145 72 4.90-15.20 80x45x71 3220
Ri-150VSD-116 150 110 180-735 8 116 74 5.10-20.80 95x52x79 3970
Ri-150VSD-145 150 110 187-657 10 145 74 5.30-18.60 95x52x79 3970
Ri-180VSD-116 180 132 184-819 8 116 74 5.30-23.20 95x52x79 4200
Ri-180VSD-145 180 132 184-706 10 145 74 5.20-20.00 95x52x79 4200
Ri-220VSD-116 220 160 208-920 8 116 75 5.90-26.00 118x59x87 7585
Ri-220VSD-145220160275-776 10145757.80-22.00118x59x877585

Features and Benefits

Integrated Moisture Separator – Integrated moisture separator comes standard for all Ri units. Up to 90% reduction in condensation when compared to a unit without a moisture separator. Compatible with optional energy recovery.

Single Screw Airend – The rotary screw on this unit comes standard with oversized, low RPM airends that are designed for maximum efficiency and excellent reliability.

Low Speed Centrifugal Fan – Dedicated low-speed centrifugal fans for both the oil and the air coolers. Separate fans maintain optimal temperatures for the oil and air while yielding extremely low noise levels.

Air/Oil Cooler – The cooler is oversized to ensure optimum working temperatures in any environmental condition. Conveniently placed so that they are easy to clean.

Permanent Magnet Motor – Synchronous motors with permanent magnets and frequency converters do not have any bearings, flexible couplings, or sealing gaskets. Eliminates wear, leakage and frequent replacement.

Electronic Controller – Controls the main operating parameters and daily or weekly start program with CAN-BAS interface. Connects up to four compressors in a network, duty cycle monitoring, and maintenance timers.

Air/Oil Separator Tank – The exclusive cyclone technology guarantees a pre-separation efficiency of more than 99.9%. The separator ensures low oil carryover of less than 2 ppm which reduces maintenance.

Intake Filter – Removes the smallest particles of dust and dirt. The large surface area ensures a long life and minimal pressure loss. Conveniently located near the removable panel for easy access.

Ambient Air Filtration – This washable and replaceable filter keeps your air compressor cleaner and cooler. Conveniently accessed from the front of the unit, this feature reduces maintenance and keeps your unit running at the ideal temperature.

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