FHO 45-1625 Filter Housings with 2 in 1 Element Specifications

FHO Filter Housings

Pre and post filtration in a compressed air system is vital to maintaining clean and dry compressed air. Filtration is generally applied in directly after the compressor, just before and after the air dryer, and just before critical point-of-use applications. Available in 45-1625 CFM configurations and ready for any other way that is specific to your system needs.

When compressed air is properly filtered before entering the main distribution piping, in many instances, you can eliminate the need for point-of-use filtration. Point-of-use filtration can be costly to install and maintain.

FHO Filter Housings are powder coated on the interior, and the exterior, for long life. View features & benefits

FHO 45-1625 Filter Housings with 2 in 1 Element Specifications
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Housing #NPTCFM @ 100 PSIGCFM @ 125 PSIGBowl Height (in)Clearance Required to Change ElementDiameter (in)Element #Micron Rating price
FHO-45-21 1.2 45 57 3 8 4 9060090 1
FHO-80-21 3.4 80 100 4 11 4 9060120 1
FHO-200-21 1 200 250 5 19 5 9060180 1
FHO-460-21 1 1/2 460 575 7 26 5 9060240 1

Features and Benefits

Easy-to-read differential pressure gauge

FHO Filtration Housings come standard with an automatic float drain

Moisture Separators

Includes a fully automatic, high-volume drain designed for the discharge of condensate or any other non-aggressive fluid from a compressed air system. These units are cast in heavy-duty aluminum and are equipped with a separate manual drain for venting. Designed for bulk condensate removal the FHO series is perfect for use at the outlet of an aftercooler.

Features a stainless steel float drain.

Replacement Filter Elements

Particulate Filter Element (P)
Captures dust and particulate down to 3 microns. Nominal Pressure Drop 0.14 PSID (dry)

Utility Grade Coalescing Filter Element (UC)
Offers a particulate removal down to 1 micron and a maximum oil carryover of 0.4 PPM. 99.9999% efficiency. Typically used as pre-filtration to your compressed air dryer. Nominal Pressure Drop: 0.75 PSID ISO 8573 (Class 2)

High Efficiency Coalescing Filter (HE)
Offers a particulate removal down to 0.01 micron and a maximum oil carryover of 0.008 PPM. Typically used as post-filtration on a compressed air dryer. Nominal pressure drop 0.5 PSID ISO 8573 (Class 1)

Activated Carbon Filter Element (AC)
Removes hydrocarbon mist and vapor. Used in many different applications, but mostly in industries such as food and pharmaceutical. Activated carbon elements offer a max carryover of 0.002 PPM. 99.9999% efficiency. Nominal pressure drop 1.2 PSID.

2 in 1 Filter Element (21)
The 2 in 1 filter element is unique in its design, offering particulate removal down to 1 micron as well as oil absorption through its bed of activated carbon material. 99.9999% efficiency. This element is ideal for pre-filtration on a desiccant dryer. Nominal pressure drop 0.5 PSID ISO 8573 (Class 3)