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Receiver Tanks

Air receiver tanks receive compressed air from the compressor pump and store it until required. They are utilised to meet peak demand where short duration air requirements exceed compressor pump capacity. Compressors up to 22kW (30hp) are often mounted on a horizontal air receiver which forms an integral part of the compressor unit and its control system.

Vertical air receivers have a smaller footprint than horizontal receivers and can be used as primary or secondary storage reservoirs in a compressed air system. An additional vertical air receiver may allow an existing compressor to cope with increased intermittent demand of short duration without the need for compressor replacement. Strategic placement of such a receiver next to a distant piece of equipment with this type of demand enables an immediate air supply without pressure drop due to the friction effects of a long run of pipe. Additional advantages of an air receiver of adequate capacity are:
  • Prevents excessive loading and unloading of the compressor, thus increasing the life and reliability of the control components.
  • Collects condensed water which may have carried over from the aftercooler and moisture separator.
  • If located in a cool place ahead of a refrigerated or desiccant dryer, will provide initial cooling and moisture reduction in the air thus reducing the load on the dryer.
  • Provides damping of pressure pulsations from reciprocating (piston) compressors.
  • Reduces the pressure fluctuations in the compressed air system avoiding needless compressor start-ups.
Pneutech stocks a range of vertical air receivers with capacities from 150 to 1184 litres. Larger sizes up to 5200 litres can also be supplied against firm order. Alternatively, greater system capacities can be achieved by strategically placing more than one additional smaller vertical receiver remote from the compressor as necessary. The range of Pneutech vertical air receivers is listed below. We can advise on the size and position of additional vertical air receivers in your plant.

Receiver Tanks
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ModelVolume, litresDesign Pressure, PSIDesign Pressure, kPaDesign Pressure, barHeight, mmDiameter, mmWeight, kg price
AR0150-V 147 210 1450 14.5 1772 383 80
AR0330-V 330 174 1200 12 2390 466 150
AR0520-V 520 206 1420 14.2 3000 518 220
AR0750-V 750 167 1150 11.5 3022 622 390
AR1200-V 1184 145 1000 10 3050 762 552
AR2300-V 2280 160 1100 11 2870 1067 900
AR5000-V 5200 160 1100 11 3705 1219 1800